Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

Luckily for us, the Jewish calendar is giving us a really late Easter this year.  It’ll give you a chance to make these cookies and be a cookie decorating pro in just 3 weeks!

I used Wilton’s comfort grip cookie cutter for these and they are the perfect size for your canvas of creativity.  The decorating options are endless.

Here I dabbled with a tiny star tip for the pink flowers and a circle tip for the dots and writing.



I added some clear sugar sprinkles for shine.



This cookie uses a really fun technique of piping horizontal lines, alternating in pink and yellow.  While still wet, I dragged a toothpick up and down across the lines to create the marbled affect.

One of my favorite sites for cookie decorating inspiration, Sweetopia has a wonderful step-by-step tutorial for marbling.



Can you tell I like the star tip?  It just gives great 3-D texture and who can resist tiny little flowers?

One year after making and giving these as gifts, people still remembered these cookies.  There’s nothing like a homemade gift to make your friends feel special!  So this Easter, go out and make some of your friends feel special already!

Of course, don’t forget to keep some for yourself too.

The cookie and royal icing recipes are the same as my butterfly sugar cookies.


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