Neopolitan Ice Cream Cake

My son’s favorite ice cream is neopolitan.  He loves the 3-in-1 combo of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  So for his birthday, I decided to make him a neopolitan ice cream cake.  I made chocolate cake, used strawberry ice cream and vanilla whipped cream.


This was much easier to make than I thought.  Store bought strawberry ice cream helped a lot.  The chocolate cake is the same recipe as from my daughter’s birthday cake, except I baked it in a square pan this time.

Can you tell my family loves this cake recipe?


Just remove the cake and slice in half, horizontally.



Layer on the strawberry ice cream (that’s been sitting out for about 10 minutes, to soften).  Place the top layer of cake on the ice cream and put it back into the freezer to harden.

Meanwhile make your vanilla whipped cream.


Fill a piping bag, fitted with a star tip and pipe away!

The best part of this cake is when you remove a slice of it and you can see the layering effect of the ice cream and cake together.  The colors are also glorious together! The flavor, well………..even better!


If nothing else, I’ve made this little man plenty happy!