Does Your Corn Need a Shave?

I made chicken corn chowder for dinner the other day.  This is the best way I’ve found to shave corn off the cob, without ending up with corn kernels scattered all over my counter tops and floor.  You know what I’m talking about.

Place a small bowl upside down inside a larger bowl.  Trim off the tip of the cob so you have a flat surface for it to stand on.  Then, shave away.

And, voila!  All the corn kernels end up neatly inside the bowl.

Also, don’t forget to extract the “milk” or pulp from the cob after all the kernels are cut off.  Use the back of your knife and run if along the cob, pressing hard.  All the left over bits left on the cob will come off clean as a whistle.


4 thoughts on “Does Your Corn Need a Shave?

  1. These tips are awesome!!! I especially liked the green onion one. I was like “WHAT THE?! YOU CAN DO THAT?!”. Hope there are more coming because I love this stuff.

    I’ve been super into ‘technique’ and just some basic know-how’s in the realm of cooking. I used to think I was a decent cook but man there are so many basic things that I don’t know. I’ve been youtubing a lot of “how to” videos by Gordon Ramsay (not that many and he moves really quickly) and been watching and re-watching this one episode of No Reservations (Season 8 – episode 11) where Bourdain has a lot of his chef friends (including Thomas Keller) give some cooking techniques.

    Anyways, no more rambling. Just wanted to say I love your blog!

    Hope John and the kids are doing well!

    • Ed, that’s great! I would definitely say that I’ve learned a lot of what I know from all the shows I watch on the Food Network, and by watching my mom when I was little! We should cook together sometime. What have you been cooking lately?

  2. Yes! That would be fun.

    Hm, lately I haven’t been that adventurous because I’ve been working so much but let’s see.. Last week I made my self a pretty decent meatloaf. I’ve been on a healthy streak so it’s been a lot more veggies and lean meats (more or less). Other things I try to perfect are pork chops, steak, chinese beef stew, beef bourgingon, omlettes, fish, roasting chicken, and a few other things. I’m waiting for the warm season to return so I can start BBQing again =D

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