Help the Hale Family

To all my foodie friendsout there, this is a very special post which I hope will move you to action.   It is about a family who is close to my heart.  Please take a minute to read about the Hale Family’s story in our local newspaper.

Cherie, the mom in the picture is a friend of mine.  I’ve known Cherie for 4 years now.  Her children have been in school with my kids and we’ve shared many memories together in the past years.  Unfortunately, some of those memories have not all been good ones.

In 2008, Cherie’s son Xavier was diagnosed with leukemia.  This was devastating news and I could not imagine the feeling of helplessness a parent experiences when watching a child battle cancer.

In 2009, her husband Jared was laid off from a job in construction.  Due to Xavier’s medical bills and the job loss, they are also in the process of losing their house.  Either of these issues would be more than enough for any family to suffer.  But, the story goes on……..

The summer of 2010, Cherie found out that she had a malignant brain tumor.  After brain surgery to remove the tumor, she underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  Family and friends brought the family meals for weeks to come. At Cherie’s request, I made her some chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons.  In the following weeks, I also made chocolate whoopie pies for her.  It was a joy to cook for her family and know that I could give her some joy with my food.

On one of the trips to her house with a meal in hand, Cherie asked if I wanted to see her incision.  I will never forget the day we sat together in her kitchen and she braved my reaction as she removed the scarf hiding her shaven scalp and 8-inch surgical scar.  I’ve never tried so hard to fight back tears in my life.  I wanted to be strong for her.   When I got home, I let the tears flow.

Family and friends saw Cherie through a year of recuperation, but she is in need of our help once again.  Last month, she went for a followup MRI exam and the doctor found the tumor has returned!

We are in an effort to raise money for her to have her second brain surgery.  Please consider contributing to the Hale Family at this critical time in their lives.    Click on this Help the Hales website link for information about how to give.  You can make an amazing difference in Cherie and her family’s life today.

Would you also consider praying for the Hales?  We know the Lord hears our prayers and we believe on the life-changing power of prayer!!!


One thought on “Help the Hale Family

  1. Karen thank you for being the friend to Cherie that you are! I will be praying for her and her family. You’re so right, God is good and sovereign. I am praying for Cherie and her family. Lord bless you all!

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