100th Post – My Cupboards Are Empty

This is the kitchen cabinet where I keep most of my baking pans and as you can see, it is empty (and dusty).  It’s not because I got tired of baking and threw them all away.  It’s not because a baking burglar came and stole them all.  It’s because……….

I’m moving!!

I’ve been packing for the past few weeks and slowly saying good-bye to the kitchen I’ve come to know and love for the past 8 years.  I will miss the kitchen island with its uba tuba granite, where I rolled out all those pie crusts and sugar cookies.  It’s where I piped the frosting onto hundreds of cupcakes and made my children’s birthday cakes.

It will hold many memories for myself and my family.  Memories of holiday gatherings and everyday meals.  Parties with friends and family and the sounds of children’s feet racing in and out.

This is where I taught my daughter to wash rice for the rice cooker.  This is where I taught my son to peel a carrot into the kitchen sink.  This is where life happens in my house!

This kitchen is where I started this blog.

So friends, it may be a few more weeks until another post, but  I look forward to my 101st post from my new kitchen and I hope you do too!!


4 thoughts on “100th Post – My Cupboards Are Empty

  1. I love your old kitchen! It’s so PURTY! I’m sure the new one is even more gorgeous and I pray blessings and even more good times in the new place!

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