Yogurt-Marmalade Pound Cake

If you like citrus flavors in your baked goods, you will love this pound cake.  The addition of yogurt is genius too.  It makes this cake so moist and delectable!

Unfortunately, my hubby finds citrus flavors in his desserts objectionable.  I really didn’t think he would give this a try.  He wouldn’t even take one bite of my lemon bars.

To my surprise, he did.  And he went back for a few more bites too!



After I removed the cake from the loaf pan, I pricked the top with a toothpick.  This helped the orange marmalade icing soak into the cake.  You should do this while the cake is still warm.



I was sure to not let any of the icing go to waste either.  I smeared my pieces of cake with the icing that pooled around the edges of the cake.  Just heavenly!


Yogurt Orange Marmalade Cake

From Pioneer Woman

1-½ cup All-purpose Flour

½ teaspoons Salt

2 teaspoons Baking Powder

1 cup (heaping) Plain, Lowfat Yogurt

1 cup Sugar

3 whole Eggs

1 teaspoon Vanilla

1 whole Zest Of Lemon

½ cup Canola Oil



½ cup Prepared Orange Marmalade

¼ cup Yogurt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Grease and flour a 9x5x3 inch loaf pan. Sift together the flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside.

In a separate bowl, mix together 1 cup of yogurt, sugar, eggs, vanilla, lemon zest, and canola oil until just combined. Pour over dry ingredients and mix until just combined; do not over beat.

Pour into a loaf pan and bake for 1 hour. Remove from oven and allow to cool slightly. Remove from pan. While cake is cooling, pour marmalade into a sauce pan. Heat it on low until melted, stirring occasionally. Add 1/4 cup of yogurt to the pan and turn off heat. Stir to combine, then pour slowly over the top of the cake, allowing icing to pool around the sides.


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