Carrot Torte

I made this carrot torte for my mother’s birthday.  And if you remember my story about my mother and the first carrot cake I made for her, you’ll know this is the only cake she asks me to make for her………EVER.

It’s really the same recipe, just a different presentation.


Since I couldn’t wrap this up for her, the next best thing was to put it under glass.

Everything just seems fancier under a glass dome, don’t you agree?

Cookies are just cookies, but under glass they look like special cookies.  I imagine that’s why they put pheasant under glass?!  I’m not sure about that, but it sounds fancier than just plain ol’ pheasant.



Here’s the chunk we ate out of it.  I know it may look a little dense, but really it’s quite light and fluffy, really!


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