How to line a round cake pan

I love efficiency!  I mean LOVE, okay I’m obsessed!

I don’t understand why there are a line of cars waiting at a red light when the lane right next to it sits empty.  I’ll be the first to swerve crazily into the lane with no cars in it.  Is it just me?!

Like I said, I love efficiency.  So, when I learn a new trick that will save me time in the kitchen, I’m all for it.  I love this one.

Start with a square sheet of parchment paper that is slightly larger than your pan.  Fold it in half, bringing the left edge to the right edge. Fold in half again, bringing the top to the bottom, into a quarter of a sheet.  The upper left corner will now be the mid point of your round cake pan.  Fold the top edge to the left edge and make a triangle.  Bring the right edge to the left edge again and you will make a smaller triangle.

I know that was a lot of instructions, but bear with me.  You’ll be rewarded in the end with a wonderful cake that won’t stick to the pan.


Place the tip of the triangle in the middle of your pan.


Cut off the excess, right to the edge of the pan.


Like magic, you will open the paper and you’ll have a circle!  Clever huh?

Gone are the days of tracing around the bottom of your pan with a pencil and then cutting all around the paper.  That always made me feel like I was cutting out a snowflake in Kindergarten class.


Here’s the test………it fits!  I don’t know why, but I’m always a little surprised when it fits.

Now, remove the paper and grease your pan.  Put the paper back and grease the top of that too.

Hope you enjoyed this little time-saver!



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