Eclairs with Milk Chocolate Icing

I used to be really intimidated by pate a choux until I watched it being made and then I overcame my fear rather quickly.  I know you can too.  Come on, just try it once!

These are always a party favorite.  They’re light and fluffy and just take two bites, or one if you have a big mouth, but that’s between you and your eclair.

For these eclairs, I used my profiterole recipe and piped the choux pastry dough into strips, about 3 inches long.


Use a pastry bag and attach an open coupler to pipe the strips of choux pastry.



Make sure you leave about 2 inches all around each strip, so they don’t puff up and stick together.



Aren’t they cute?  Kinda like gigantic peanuts in the shell.

Cut a slit into the side of each and make sure all the eclairs are completely cooled before piping the whipped cream into them.  Then melt 1 cup of milk chocolate and spread it on each eclair with a butter knife.


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