Edible Chocolate Cups with Vanilla Cream


I was planning a baby shower recently and decided to challenge myself and not make the same old desserts. I saw these chocolate molds with beautiful sample pictures on the cover and thought, “I can do that!”  Little did I know that for the first time in my life I would be cursing the name of chocolate.

I read and re-read the instructions on the packaging and was confident that I could follow them.  Instead, I wasted an hour of my life standing in my kitchen with chocolate every where and every how, except in the way that I wanted it!! A phone call to a friend to vent about my predicament ended in me remelting the faulty chocolate cups and starting all over again.

So, it turns out you should NOT fill the molds completely with chocolate, put them in the fridge and hope they solidify from the outside inward, then pour out the liquidy middle, thereby leaving you with a lovely hole in which to pipe the beautiful vanilla cream. I followed the instructions and ended up popping out solid chunks of rock hard chocolate. These were not the delicate chocolate cups I wanted, instead I got a homemade chocolate candy shape with no filling. I need a home for my filling!!

The proper way to do this is below:

Edible Chocolate Cups with Vanilla Cream

2 trays of chocolate cup molds (each will make 8 cups)

1 package chocolate candy melts

1 box Jello instant vanilla pudding mix

1 cup heavy cream



Chocolate cups:

Melt your chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring each time.  Meanwhile, line a half sheet baking pan with parchment paper and lay a cookie wire rack inside.

Make chocolate cups by filling chocolate in each mold and wait about 2 minutes.  Pour out extra chocolate back into bowl, cleaning the top of the mold tray with a spatula.  Turn each mold tray upside down over wire rack to let excess chocolate run out. If the sides of the mold don’t look thick enough, redo the previous step.

Once the molds are your desired thickness, place in the freezer to harden.  When hardened, pop the cups out and place on a plate in the refrigerator to be filled later.


Vanilla cream:

Make the vanilla pudding according to package instructions.  Wisk your heavy cream into whipped cream and add to the pudding, folding with a spatula until incorporated.  You can spoon the cream into the cups or pipe them with a bag.  Place a berry on top of each cup.



2 thoughts on “Edible Chocolate Cups with Vanilla Cream

  1. Karen, these were beautiful and elegant to look at, and soooo amazingly good to eat… well worth your extra effort! You have patience beyond compare for the art of cooking!

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